The Range

Safety Guidelines For Shooters

* Do not intentionally shoot arrows into the ground or into the air.
* Only point bow at intended target.
* Never nock an arrow until the intended target is clear of other shooters.
* Stay on designated paths.
* Look for arrows only after competition is completed for the day.
* If returning to look for lost arrows, place a marker or your equipment in front of the target
* Adults MUST supervise children at all times.
* Draw weight should be such that shooters are able to draw and aim their bow with control and without
undue physical discomfort.
* Always insure that equipment is in good working order.

* The range is for CURRENT CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.  Membership Card must be visible at all times.

At the main range we have a covered shooting line. There are picnic tables for working on your bow, or to have a family outing. There are amenities offered at the range. There is also other covered picnic areas that are available. The range is available to all members from dawn to dusk.